It has been stated, written and (in some parts of the world) painted repeatedly over time, that there is always a beginning. Some of these turn out to be quite important, if people are to be believed, and replace their respective pre-positioned article with a ‘The’. At times, a capital ‘B’ may even find its way into it. As for the others, it is often maintained that they are one of the infinite beginnings which happen to plague human civilizations since time immemorial. They are quite important in their own rights, we have learned from reliable sources.

To all that we say, “Fine.”

“That’s as it may be” we further add.

Truth be spoken (a truth? The Truth? Any combination of article and capitalization works here. Feel free, by all means), we have no idea what beginnings are. Nor do we know if all . . . this . . . had a beginning to begin with. It must’ve had, what? Yes, you are probably right. It should definitely have had one somewhere at some point. But we have no idea where that point may be.

Oh, not because we are ignorant or illiterate. Goodness grief, no! We are as learned a bunch of learned individuals as you can shake a stick at. We could perhaps even tell you why sticks are shaken at stuff as such, if we felt like it. If you asked nicely. If your purse jingles absent-mindedly enough.

But learned as we may be, we could not tell you where all . . . this . . . had begun. For one, it would take way too many pages in this volume, publishing which we could ill afford, to be perfectly honest. Secondly, if certain blogs and forums are to be believed, prequels seldom make decent block-busters . . .